Finishing 50 States at the Full Moon Half

Becky Weninger (HF8895)

That’s all folks!
State FIFTY!!!!
ET Full Moon Half
This race began at 12:30am during the first full moon of August. We ran the extraterrestrial highway near Area 51! Thanks to the monsoons, we were attacked by alien-like mosquitoes making for a very memorable 50th state.
I can’t believe I’m done.
13.1 miles in all 50 states!!!!
Thank you to all who have followed my posts and encouraged me along the way!
If you are tagged in this post THANK YOU for either traveling with me, housing me, feeding me, chauffeuring me to/from airports and race sites, or spending miles with me on courses.
This is a journey that I could not have done on my own and your kindness and hospitality was much appreciated!
And of course the biggest thanks to my husband, who isn’t a social media guy, but deserves a huge shoutout.
Mark has been my biggest cheerleader, supporter, and enabler. He makes sure all the critters are safe and loved while I’m away. This would not have been possible without him and the countless ways he has helped me chase and achieve this goal.
I’ve already been asked if I’ll keep doing half marathons and the answer is YES! I may stay closer to home for a while, but I’m certainly not done crossing finish lines! 😁

Photo and post credit Becky Weninger

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