Leveling Up To The Sun

Congratulations to Don Wilkinson (HF16855, DA3147, MM10671) for reaching Sun status today in Flagstaff, AZ at theMainly Marathons Southwest Series Day 4!!! 🎉🎉🎉 To learn more about the Half Fanatics Level criteria and how to level up click the link below. https://www.halffanatics.com/fanatic-criteria Photo and Post Credit Elizabeth Carrie

Becoming a Titanium Sun!

Congratulations to Frances Espina (MM13510, HF14091) for leveling up to Titanium last weekend at the Sugarloaf Mountain Marathon in Maine. From Frances, “Leveled up to Titanium at today’s Sugarloaf Marathon in Maine (30 marathons in 30 States in 365 days). And with my Half Fanatic Sun achievement in 2018, I am now a #TitaniumSun!” ToContinue reading “Becoming a Titanium Sun!”

Reaching the Sun

Barbara Rausch (HF16197 MM14998 DA3530) – 🌻☀️🌻☀️🌻☀️ I really don’t know what to say. 🥰 After 2020 derailed my quest for the Half Fanatic Sun Level, I honestly didn’t think I would gain the momentum to run 52 half marathons in 365 days again. I wasn’t 100% sure races would be a go because ofContinue reading “Reaching the Sun”

Running to the Sun

Today the Fanatics have new members of the Sun status. Gretchen Tapp (HF2402, DA812, MM9950) and Kandi Lowry (MM12227, HF13600) ran their 52 half marathon in 12 months at my race, the Summerlake Loopy Half Marathon. Celebration was had by all. Good job ladies! Photo and Post Credit Steve Walters

Titanium 50 State Double Agent

Congratulations to Hank “On the Hill” Lopez (MM14004, DA3029, HF 16561) who recently completed multiple pinnacles of running over the last year. Leveled up to Titanium (10 stars in Marathon Maniacs) in October, 2021 Leveled up to Sun (Half Fanatics) in April, 2022 Leveled Up to Everest (Double Agent) in April 2022 Hank also completedContinue reading “Titanium 50 State Double Agent”