Going Iridium at Cheap Marathon

Congratulations to Rachel Morrow (MM 15280, DA3706, HF18630)- She reached the Iridium Level of Marathon Maniacs this past weekend at Cheap Marathon in Derry NH. She accomplished this by completing 2 Marathons in 2 days. From Rachel, “Iridium Level Newport Rhode Race Marathon in RI yesterday in 4:39:10 and Cheap Marathon in Derry NH todayContinue reading “Going Iridium at Cheap Marathon”

6 Days in New England

Brian Johnson (MM8807, DA707, HF7287)- Marathons 34-38 States 19-23 Complete. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine 144.1 miles over 6 days. This trip to New England was a chance for me to use the last of my race deferrals from 2020. I had 2 races that I needed to use with Mainly Marathons. So,Continue reading “6 Days in New England”