Welcome to the Half Fanatics Heather!

Welcome Heather Stringfellow! Heather became an official Half Fanatic (HF18712)- by completing the Williams Route 66 Half Marathon in November and the St Jude Memphis Half Marathon 13 days later. Congratulations Heather! Photo Credit Heather Stringfellow

Fanatic Member Highlight: Charlene Mercer Board

Charlene Mercer Board, Fanatic #7024- Charlene finished her 85th Half Marathon today in Wilmington, NC running the Charlene writes: Wilmington Historic Half Marathon and boy was it worth it. The medal is a HUGE MEDAL and the weather was on point, started out in mid 50’s and got up to 60 degrees during the run.Continue reading “Fanatic Member Highlight: Charlene Mercer Board”

Member Highlight: Kirk Anton

Kirk Anton, Maniac #15274- Kirk has been running marathons since 2018 and Marine Corps was his 16th. I have had the pleasure of running 3 marathons with our son Kaden the past 2 years. Kaden started his running career on a bet on Thanksgiving in 2019 when he said, “If I run a marathon, willContinue reading “Member Highlight: Kirk Anton”

Marathon Maniac Sets Records and Makes the Times

Camille Herron (MM6488) -recently made the New York Times. read the whole article here. Camille Herron laced up her shoes and set out for a 100-mile jaunt at the national championships in Las Vegas in February. Herron is no stranger to ultramarathon challenges. She has set multiple world records in open-road races and on tracks,Continue reading “Marathon Maniac Sets Records and Makes the Times”