Missoula Half

Lisa Moore (HF9134) -medalmonday Missoula Half Marathon, Missoula, MT. State #46, lifetime half #82. Mostly flat course on paved highway with excellent traffic control. Runners are bussed to the start (no parking there) and run back into town. The event starts at 6 am, busses start at 4:15 am which makes for a long andContinue reading “Missoula Half”

Grand Quad At Yellowstone

Amy Seagroves (MM15648, DA3652, HF18410) Half fanatics race #53 State #28 Yellowstone Half Marathon in Montana. I did this as part of the Grand Quad (Grand Teton 5K + half and Yellowstone 5K + half) with vacation races. This race is a trail race but it isn’t super technical. The biggest challenge is one hillContinue reading “Grand Quad At Yellowstone”