New Year & New States In 50-State Quest

Chris Strub (HF18714) -Boom … it’s not even March and I’ve crossed four new-to-me states off the list, including a Top Male finish in New Mexico in January. New Mexico 🌴New Jersey 🥶Alabama 🐘Texas 🍖 That’s 25, 26, 27 and 28 down on the 50-state quest. Next up is Vegas this weekend (a 3x repeatContinue reading “New Year & New States In 50-State Quest”

Celebrating A Weekend of Accomplishments

Being a Marathon Maniac or Half Fanatic, we always have an accomplishment or goal to celebrate at the end of each race weekend. Congratulations to Lynda Tilley (HF16400) and Pascal Radley (MM2051). This past weekend, Lynda Tilley (HF16400) Completed her 100th Half Marathon. Pascal Radley (MM2051) completed his 49th State! From Pascal, “Finished the BigContinue reading “Celebrating A Weekend of Accomplishments”

Finishing Another Round of 50 States

Congratulations to Karen Anderson and Kerri Haskins who finished another round of 50 states this past weekend at The Big Beach Marathon in Alabama. This is Kerri’s (MM1336, DA836, HF8724) third round of 50 states. This is Karen’s (MM8075, DA576, HF5492) fourth round of 50 states. Congratulations to you both! Photo credit Kerri Haskins

The Family That Runs Together

Tricia & Aubrey Davis (HF #18538 and HF #18587 ) It’s #medalmonday and our entire family received medals for completing the Montgomery Alabama 5k on a very cold and windy Saturday morning. My husband Aubrey finished in 1st place in his category. We were joined by our daughter, son-in-law, and our two grandchildren. The MontgomeryContinue reading “The Family That Runs Together”