Running Ragged: “Gulf to Appalachia”

Congratulations to Sivabalan Pandian (MM13150) who recently completed the Running Ragged: “Gulf to Appalachia” series with Mainly Marathons. This involved 11 days of running a marathon in 11 different states. From Sivabalan (Titanium Level Marathon Maniac), – ⬆️Dear well wishers ,There were two series ( one after the other ) of Marathons in USA namely1)Continue reading “Running Ragged: “Gulf to Appalachia””

Mainly Marathons- St. Joseph Mo. Half –Jennifer Clark–HF16743

Half #185 in the books! Saturday, May 15.It was another weekend with MainlyMarathons! This time, the reason was to celebrate David Grudzien completing his 400th Half Marathon in St Joseph MO.St Joseph is about 30 minutes above Kansas City. Because of being near a larger city there were more than the usual number of runners.TheContinue reading “Mainly Marathons- St. Joseph Mo. Half –Jennifer Clark–HF16743”