Celebrating A Weekend of Accomplishments

Being a Marathon Maniac or Half Fanatic, we always have an accomplishment or goal to celebrate at the end of each race weekend. Congratulations to Lynda Tilley (HF16400) and Pascal Radley (MM2051). This past weekend, Lynda Tilley (HF16400) Completed her 100th Half Marathon. Pascal Radley (MM2051) completed his 49th State! From Pascal, “Finished the BigContinue reading “Celebrating A Weekend of Accomplishments”

Maniac & Fanatic Pace Team in Dallas

The Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Pacing team was in action on January 28th in Texas. They took a quick photo before the Too Cold to Hold Half in Dallas on January 28, 2023 Photo Credit Chris Bouchard

Dallas Marathon Runner Trying for Guinness World Records, Again

Angela Tortorice (MM2543) hopes to run her 1,000th marathon in Irving on April 2nd. Chances are pretty good, Dallas runner Angela Tortorice has run more marathons than anyone you know. “Even though I’ve done 989 marathons now, you do question every time, ‘Am I going to make it to the finish line?’,” Tortorice said. TortoriceContinue reading “Dallas Marathon Runner Trying for Guinness World Records, Again”