The Drake Well Half

Randy Riley (MM14470, DA3218, HF16432)

Drake Well Marathon and Half. I remember in 4th grade learning about Drake Well being the very first oil well in the USA. Why would I remember that? It was “on the test.” So when I saw they hold a half marathon starting right in front of the museum it was a pack my bags moment. Mrs. Patterson would be so proud. Titusville, Pennsylvania is a wonderful and unique little town and very well maintained. All the older houses looked fantastic. That single lane bridge was part of the course. Although I stayed at their Quality Inn I discovered they have a Caboose Motel. How cool is that? I may have to go back just to experience sleeping in a caboose. Incredible that in the Appalachia Mountains the race director managed to create a very flat course with only one challenging hill. And for my efforts among other things I got the pictured black bag that opens to a fleece blanket. Very nice. Volunteers were great and I think if this race was in a less remote location it would be overwhelmed with runners.
Somedays racing can be grueling but with today’s cool morning temps it was incredible. The last 6 miles or so were on a beautiful paved rail to trail, through dense forest looking down on Oil Creek river. I was feeling unusually fresh those last miles and the thought running through my mind was “this is freedom.” 2:19:49 1st place AG. 100 Half Marathons Club Half Fanatics #medalmonday.

Photo and Post Credit Randy Riley

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