Running the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon

Scott Pearson (HF18577) – For my Birthday this year I was able to run a race I had wanted to do for quite some time. I ran the Gary Bjorklund Half marathon in Duluth MN. It runs among the edge of Lake Superior and then ends in canal park. The course is mostly flat and very beautiful. Once we reached town the crowd support was phenomenal. It was pretty much a perfect day to run. I was able to meet up with and run with some old and new friends. The race really is as good as it’s reputation. It is a huge race. There was almost 7500 running the half. But the organization was fantastic. For that many people things went very smoothly. Then after the race we did some touristy exploring of Duluth. We had not vacationed here for a number of years so that was a lot of fun.

Photo and Post Credit Scott Pearson (HF18577)

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