Running the Finger Lakes Half

Linda Snell (HF18475) #medalmonday Completed my first of four races in four states to level up to Saturn on Saturday! Finger Lakes Running Festival in Montour Falls, NY, was a small, but well organized race.

The medal was beautiful, for the half and 20 miler (I did the half), you got a sweet hoodie 😀 , the after party had live music, and free beer or hard cider from a local brewery.

It’s a very small town so they closed Main Street and everyone could walk around freely w/o traffic. There wasn’t much food at the finish, but runners received discounts at the local food places there. Parking wasn’t bad as there was a ton of space along the square on the streets and was free. Enough Porta potties and the course itself was well marked, and along the local trail.

It was a little narrow at start/finish but the races were staggered start times so not crowded. The trail was beautiful and mostly flat, save a couple hills. Hiking at Watkins Glenn afterwards as it was just a few minutes away was also fabulous!

Photo and Post Credit Linda Snell

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