Golden Driller Half

Annie Adkins (HF13772, DA2461, MM12913)

🌟 Golden Driller Half Marathon #44 🌟

Finished Half Marathon #44 🎉 Been doing a half marathon every weekend and I still have 3 more coming up, next weekend, the weekend after that & another after that and then I’ll start my training for Chicago Marathon.
So let’s talk about today’s half marathon. So as we are lined up to start the race, it was lightning & thunder and when they said go, it started raining pretty good on us. It was cold & super windy with the rain. I ended up running the whole time with a rain poncho on, but I was still soaking wet lol. My shoes & socks were so wet from the rain & puddles that my toes stayed frozen the whole time & shoes felt heavy. On the turn around back, that’s when the wind felt the worst for me because it was so strong & in your face and I was so cold lol.
The course was great for the Half and water stations were great 👍🏻 I got my little Golden dude and made sure to stop by the big Golden dude for my selfie, medal pic, and a pic of him 😁 Thank you to all the volunteers out there today! Awesome job to everyone today!
Up next: Half Marathon # 45 in Arkansas next weekend

Photo and Post Credit Annie Adkins

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