10 Short Stories from Medal Monday First Quarter Recap

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are 8 recent story segments from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages during the months of January-March, 2022. They are 10 Short Stories From Medal Monday Volume 13-20.

Craig Smith (MM4430) 7 Hour New Years Day Ultra Celebration, Flagler Beach, Fl (it was 86 degrees)

Marion Breeze (MM15601) -Marathon done at the Planner Challenge 6hr timed event on New Year’s Eve. Gravesend, Kent

Jan Steenkamp (MM9420 DA787 HF7811) – Cure for The Brrr marathon in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. First marathon for us for 2022.

Charles Cangialosi (MM8560 DA1147 HF10652)- I got to complete my goal which was to put on a comeback after two back operations. Yesterday I made it back to the marathon. It was a good low key well run event in Ocala Fl called the Savage Seven, it’s a good one check it out, J C Teresa was the timer, he let me store a bag which was much appreciated. Fortunately there was no real time cut off or I would probably have been in trouble. I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up doing 28.3 miles. You could say I got my moneys worth. Now I get to take a rest for a few days. Some guy there celebrated 1700 marathons, wow. That is inconceivable to me. Yea him.

Carla Stewart (MM11595)-#medalmonday Yukon Do It marathon in Port Orchard, WA, on Saturday. I was so cold when I finished I forgot to take a finisher’s photo with my medal! But here are all my medals from 2021…my goal was to run 26 marathons this year, and I did it!

Randy Riley( HF 16432 DA3218 MM14470 )–Santa Hustle in Sandusky, OH. On Sunday the 19th they initiated a new half marathon course. The old one ran through closed winterized Cedar Point Amusement Park which made for a dramatic start background. New course deals with much more traffic but also more of a wind break from Lake Erie. Age group awards were a Christmas stocking and elf socks. The finisher medal is tree ornament worthy. HF 16432 MM14470. 1st place AG.

Ryan Slight (MM904 DA68 HF377)–Run for the Ranch Marathon in Rogersville, Missouri. Won masters. #medalmonday

Michelle Cox (HF17353)-WOW 🤩 what a year! Finished 2021 with 23 total halfs (record year), 13 new states + D.C. with 3 back-2-back weekends(record year)🏃🏻‍♀️🏅For 2022 I need only 2 more states & 21 total halfs by the beginning of Nov. to finish my 50 states & 100 half challenges & get my awards at the banquet 🏃🏻‍♀️ Totally doable! #myrunningjourney

Michael Neff (HF18434) –2021 marked ten years of running a half marathon a month. My lifetime count stands at 138, and I’m looking forward to at least 12 more in 2022. Happy New Years everyone!

Amy Seagroves(MM15648, DA3652, HF18410) – Finished the year with half fanatics race #38 state #21 at the New Year’s Double in Allen, TexasIt’s been a strange year but a successful one for my racing. I completed 4 of my biggest racing goals1. Run a 50K ultra ✔2. Complete a triathalon ✔3. Qualify for marathon maniacs (3 marathons in 90 days) ✔4. Run 100 live races in a year ✔And this also qualifies me for Earth level!Here’s to 2022!

Photos and Post Credit; Craig Smith, Marion Breeze, Jan Steenkamp, Charles Cangialosi, Carla Stewart, Randy Riley, Ryan Slight, Michelle Cox, Michael Neff, Amy Seagroves

10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 14

Jessie Abraham (HF9690) – medalmonday What better way to start off the 2022 running season than a free race, Red Nose Half Marathon in Columbus, GA. Lifetime half marathon #97. I’m looking forward to finishing my lifetime 100th half at the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon on February 27th. #runner #running #Runnersofinstagram #runatl #halfmarathon #runhappy #halffanatics #100halfmarathonsclub #runjessierun #islandgirl #Milesforpat #atlantatrackclub

Lisa Wiedower-(HF16498) medalmonday HF16498 Woolly Hollow State Park Trail Run Half. Greenbrier, AR. Small field, great swag, taco truck at finish, heated bathrooms, “not so technical” (depends on who you talk to) couple mountains, creeks with rocks/water, guaranteed to come away with your own wooly Wooly Hollow story. Supports teaching dyslexia students in Honduras. My 3 falls and bruised knees are my wooly Woolly Hollow Story.

Tricia Davis (HF18538) – #medalmonday 1st half of the year completed Saturday at the annual Red Nose Half Marathon in Columbus, GA. My husband started running halfs two years ago while helping me train for a full. The couple that runs together stays together.

Patty Bishop (HF12118) Happy New Year! First race of the season and looking forward to a great year and schedule ahead. I’m planning on finishing my 200th lifetime Half Marathon later this year. Today was Half #186 at the ‘Buckeye Half Marathon’, in Buckeye, AZ….

Randy Riley (HF16432, DA3218, MM14470) – Run to Read Half Marathon, Fairmont WV. A bit of a nip in the air but fortunately no real wind and sunshine when the trail wasn’t blocked by a mountain. Fairmont got 5-6” of snow two days before which allowed for some melting then it froze over. The first 4.4 miles of the trail had fairly decent conditions with some icy areas. The next 8.7 was deep uncleared snow over gravel rail to trail. Since it was out and back you had to run in a single track on the right and passing was a challenge. I wore trail shoes and Yaktrax (snow chains for shoes). Felt like running in sand with ankle weights. Managed a grueling 3rd place AG. Thumbs up to the volunteers who braved the freezing temp. As always a tough but well organized race.

Sandi Guglielmi – HF9218 –

Lifetime Half #91 in my second favorite state (WV) with my dearest friend Joel.
The trail was treacherous with ice and 5 inches of un-plowed snow so pace was not even a thought. Today was about spending time with a friend and processing our last two years since we last saw each other.
Thank you for the miles, the conversation, the hugs, the company but mostly just for being you 🥰 #LifetimeHalf91 #TeamRWBColumbus #MITWolfPack #HRCGryffindor #ColumbusBAMRs #MRTTColumbus #50StateHalfMarathonClub #100halfmarathonsclub #RunJunkees

Robert Manon – (HF3646 DA431 MM6700) – Today’s race was the Citrus Heritage Half Marathon held in Riverside. The weather was perfect today. I think it stayed in the low 50s for the entire race. I kept a nice pace throughout the whole race. For some reason I forgot how tough these rolling hills were on my pace. It was great seeing friends out there and the food and drinks were great as well. I ended up being 2nd in my Age Group, 17th Male and 22nd place overall. The Age Group award was a cap. Congratulations to everyone out there.

Sam Pfanstiel (MM12767 DA3177 HF16934)

Finally got my Route 66 medal and center of the universe detour (“World’s Shortest Ultra”) challenge coin from the week before Thanksgiving. I guess that counts as a running-related Christmas present AND a medal.

Is it just me, or is the size of these medals getting out of control?

Brian Joachims (MM2658, DA125, HF843) – 80 degrees in Orlando by the finish of the marathon. Now headed back home (OK) where it’s below freezing. At least I don’t live in New England!

Greg LeBlanc (HF4654 DA2537 MM13039) – #BlingAndBrew Oregon Road Runners Club – ORRC Y2K Half Marathon. Lifetime Half #209
Scary Joy bourbon barrel-aged imperial brown ale with toasted coconut & whole vanilla
Skookum Brewery Arlington, WA

Photos and Post Credit; Jessie Abraham, Lisa Wiedower, Tricia Davis, Patty Bishop, Randy Riley, Sandi Guglielmi, Robert Manon, Sam Pfanstiel, Brian Joachims, Greg LeBlanc

10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 15

Sue Stevens (HF8593 DA2452 MM12891) Kicked off my racing year on Saturday at the Last Chance Half in Bellingham, WA (got lucky as originally the race was slated for 12/31, but weather postponement meant I was able to run it). This was a beautiful run on well-groomed, clearly marked trails with a great post-race spread that included a choice of soups, grilled cheese, chips, candies, fig rolls and lots of different drinks. Fabulous!

Alexa Luchak (HF10465) – Finished my first Half Marathon in 7 years! Of course, it had to be Houston 🎉🎉🎉

Katie Galvin (HF18478) State#15 and half#22 for me on Saturday at the Daufuskie Island Half Marathon! I definitely recommend this one!!! It is a small race but well organized, LOVE the medal and zip up sweatshirt, and a fun after party for runners and friends. I definitely recommend staying on the island if you can! But if you don’t, it seemed like the ferry to/from Hilton Head was pretty well organized. So much fun! Great scenery! I would definitely repeat this one!!

Jackson Hopper (HF18579) 10 year-old Jackson Hopper became official Half Fanatic #18579 yesterday after the Houston Aramco Half Marathon! 🎉

Amy Seagroves (MM15648, DA3652, HF18410) – Half fanatics race #39 state #22 Louisiana Half Marathon. It was a cold day for Louisiana though much warmer than Western NY (Go Bills!). Race was excellent. With great production and some scenic areas. I especially liked running through LSU campus and the football stadium though sadly the tiger wasn’t out. At the end there is tons of food including absolutely delicious vegan gumbo. Would definitely recommend this race for Louisiana!

Gregory Rouson (HF8068, MM12723, DA2354) – Harwoods Half Marathon in Yorktown, VA. My first half of 2022 and lifetime half marathon #160…DONE!!! #itsfreezing

Sheila Lewis (MM3068) –

YALL I did it! I’m pretty slow these days and I was soooo worried about the 7 hour cutoff. I’d reached out to the RD and they said there really wasn’t wiggle room or an early start. And I really wanted this to be the race. I DID IT!! 100% legit got it done. With nasty wind and unusual leg cramps- still made it! 50th state- official(had to repeat),51st bday and 100th marathon. I need to go to sleep but I’m still wound up.Oh AND I had racing royalty help me make it happen. ❤️ Angela Tortorice

Natalie Waller (HF9449) I ran my 4th marathon on Saturday morning at the Museum of Aviation full and PR’d by almost 10 mins and also ran a BQ

Randy Travis (MM6914) – Missed the snow but got plenty of sun at the AZ Rock and Roll Marathon. Forgot how much I prefer cold-weather races!

Patty Bishop (HF 12118)- Finished Half Marathon #187 today at the, “Rose Bowl Half Marathon”, in the beautiful city of Pasadena, CA….

Chills indeed! Half Fanatics at the Chills in the Mill Harwoods Half in Yorktown, VA. 🥶🥶

Photos and Post Credit; Sue Stevens, Alexa Luchak, Katie Galvin, Katy Hopper, Amy Seagroves, Gregory Rouson, Sheila Lewis, Natalie Waller, Patty Bishop, maria Ramirez Gorton

10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 16

Eddie Hahn (MM184)–Mesa Arizona 4:20 pacer, Since there was no assigned official pacer T Shirt, I wore my yellow Maniac Singlet. Also a plus, free race pictures.

John Colvard (MM13439) — Sorta medal Monday for me. Ski to the Sun Ski Marathon on Saturday for me. They had no finisher medals so I am posting the race beanie and logo from it. I have done several ski races up to 10 miles and multisport ski events (winter tri/biathlon) but never marathon distance for a ski race. This was challenging with over 2000′ of elevation gain and very icy slopes that were difficult to get grip climbing and controlling the few descents on the race!

Ilse Berube (MM15780) –State 26 …. Marathon 27….Great start…HOT and crampy ending but ARIZONA ✔️

Gilberto Sosa (MM7904, DA1598, HF12046) – Lifetime marathon #107 completed!!!! A rainy one!!! — at Publix Florida Marathon.

The Marathon Manaics/Half Fanatics before the Mesa Marathon/Half Marathon

Marie McFadden (HF9877) — 5KBR / Mercedes Weekend. Medal Monday! Good course, very cold.

Robin Fichtelberg — (HF6054) –My first in-person half marathon since August 2019. I placed second in my age group – since there were only two of us! Half crazy half marathon, Irvine, CA

Jessie Abraham (HF9690) –MedalMonday It was a very cold and windy start to the Mercedes-Benz Half Marathon, but I am so excited and fulfilled to have completed my lifetime #99 half marathon. Next up 💯 at #atlantamarathonweekend #runcityusa

Victoria Carroll (HF16390) — Victoria Carroll finished Half Marathon #500 running the Lovers Half at Fairfax Station, VA. Congratulations

Aubrey Davis (HF18587) (written by Tricia Davis) It’s #MedalMonday! And, I collected 2 medals this weekend! 3rd place age group medal at the SuperBowl 5k in Columbus GA on Saturday. And my husband Aubrey and I also completed the Mercedes-Benz Half Marathon in Birmingham AL, and received that coveted medal on Sunday! This was Aubrey’s 3rd half this year which qualifies him for Half Fanatics! He applied for membership last night. I’m really proud of him! #HF18538 #7of70

Photos and Post Credit; Eddie Hahn, John Colvard, Ilse Berube, Gilberto Sosa, Andrew Zgrabik, Marie McFadden, Robin Fichtelberg, Jessie Abraham, David Larson, Aubrey Davis/Tricia Davis

10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Vegas Edition

Julianna Hays (HF12427) RnR LV in the books with these Fanatics! — with Renee Goodman Acors.

Robert Manon (HF3646, DA431, MM6700) —

The highlight of the weekend is seeing friends, even though this year I didn’t spot as many as I usually do. Congratulations everyone that ran. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked. It was a pretty good race for me, I am dealing with a little foot pain but managed to keep a good pace for the most part. Apparently it’s my fastest RNR Las Vegas time, so yay course PR.

Kathryn Oakley (HF18360) – Monday, 28 February 2022. Last night I ran in my first Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. Lifetime Half Marathon #19 Done ✅. Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifetime Events #10 Done ✅. New State (Nevada) #9 out of 50. Also, I earned my 5th Rock ‘n’ Roll “Jump” Heavy Medal. #halffanatics #hf18360 #MedalMonday #StripAtNight

Jolanta Thorburn (HF18464) – VIVA LAS VEGAS! RnR Las Vegas! State no. 11 Half Marathon no.19. What a great race!! Rockin’ on Las Vegas strip at night with my girls. I had a blast and even managed to PR while stopping for pictures and video. Running a night race in Vegas is a very cool experience…I definitely recommend it.

Gregory Rouson (HF8062, DA2354, MM12723) – Lifetime half marathon #164 and Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon #3…DONE!!! Everything about this race keeps me coming back year after year. #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354 #stripatnight

Linc Stokes (HF4870) – Half Marathon #92, the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon and 5k is in the books!

Geoff McCausland (HF2663) -Recovery after the Rock n Roll 5K and Half Marathon. HF#2663 lifetime #62 state #5 … first race since 2019

Candy Alfano (HF17552) – RnR Vegas

Heather Baugh(HF17715)–Rock N Roll Las Vegas

Tina Fields (HF13161,DA2679, MM13330) – Rock n roll Las Vegas

Photos and Post Credit; Julianna Hays, Kathryn Oakley, Jolanta Thorburn, Gregory Rouson, Linc Stokes, Geoff McCausland, Candy Alfano, Heather Baugh, Robert Manon, Tina Fields

10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 18

LeAnn Saliga (HF18586) – Great weather for a half!

Dani Shown (MM8045, DA565, HF4557) Myrtle Beach, SC. Third time at this race, and second time doing the half. It was warm! First above freezing race Ive done since Chicago Marathon in October. Got the Bless Your Heart extra medal for doing this one and Charleston (canceled but they gave it out to those who signed up for both). Congrats to everyone wherever your finish line was this weekend.

Ralph Sarmiento (HF17645) Zion Half – Wet half but the scenery was amazing.

Ronita Bland (MM12368, DA2131, HF8514) -Representing in TN today!!! Another 13.1 in the books🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Amy Seagroves (MM15648, DA3652, HF18410) – Half fanatics race #42 state #24! Little Rock Half Marathon in Arkansas. I also walked the 5K with my mom Saturday so got a ton of amazing bling. This was a really fun race environment with a ton of spectators and course entertainment. We also lucked out with the weather as storms were in the forecast but there was just a bit of drizzle during the race. While I wouldn’t call it a flat course I didn’t think it was too hilly. I didn’t love the course scenery though there were some nice parts but the production and course support more than made up for it. Definitely a race I would recommend

Fanatics/Maniacs this morning before the Alamo 13.1! It was hot and humid, but it’s always a great race and worth the amazing medal!

Steph Masone Jorgina Sanders Ed Childress Kris Bannon Klessig Katy Hopper

Lisa Wiedower (HF16948) – LR Half Marathon, my half #39, is in the books! As always, the medals do not disappoint! Course is flatter this year and with many porta potties, aid stations and great crowd support. Still one of my favorites!

Gregory Rouson (#HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354) Lifetime half marathon #165, One City Half Marathon #3, and my first Submarine Challenge (5K + Half Marathon)…DONE!!! Warmer than usual temperatures turned an otherwise easy and enjoyable course into a 2 hour and 21 minute sweaty, nasty slog through the streets of Newport News. Oh, well…they can’t all be PRs. 🤷🏿‍♂️. #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354 #OneCityMarathon

Rachel Ross (HF6506) – Lifetime half #336 finished yesterday at Vacation Races’ Zion Half in Utah. We had blue skies, clouds, rain, sleet, wind, and hail along the course but the VR team put on a top-notch race with nice bling, a very nice shirt, good course support, plenty of port-o-potties at the start, finish, and along the course, and good snacks at the end. First picture is my inaugural Zion medal and this year’s 10 th anniversary medal.

Half Fanatics at the SARR Prickly Pear 15K

Photos and Post Credit; LeAnn Saliga, Dani Shown, Ralph Sarmiento, Ronita Bland, Amy Seagroves, Katy Hopper, Lisa Wiedower, Gregory Rouson, Rachel Ross, Jorgina Sanders

10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend

Elizabeth Alvarez (HF5507) – Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend, Virginia Beach, VA. It got real hot real quick!!! Thankfully and proud to have completed the 50th Anniversary of this race, and today is 11 years when I first ran this. Was also missing my dad and fellow fanatic, but I had my wonderful BF with me. Not sure how many I’ve done, but WOO HOO! HF #5507

Dolphin Challenge with the 8k on Saturday and the half yesterday. Good times with some great friends…. 🙂!!! ☺️💚👍🏃🐢🇺🇸🍀

Susie Rogers-Kalimnios (HF5807) -I know there were a bunch of Half Fanatics at the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend but unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet any while completing the Dolphin Challenge this weekend.

Linda Snell (HF18475)-Marathon 1 of 3 as I attempt to become a double agent! Shamrock Marathon! Beautiful course and so many HF and MM!!! Thank you everyone who said hello on course or stopped for a picture! Love this race and this group! ❤️❤️

Charlene Board (HF7024) – From Virginia Beach ,Va Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend

Herv Sherd (HF16718) – medalmonday Both my wife and I completed the Dolphin challenge @ Shamrock weekend

Jen Merkel (HF18545) – Lucky 13! Lifetime 13th half at Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend! Great race, beautiful course – I love lighthouses so that was a highlight for me. And the cold sand felt so good on my feet after!

Katy Fetzer (HF8306, DA2684, MM13340) Medal Monday! Half Marathon #67 complete at the 50th Yuengling Shamrock 🐬 challenge!

Patty Treece (HF8375, DA2239, MM12553) -Shamrock Half VA Beach… y’all need to do this race!!

Teon Taylor – (HF7350, DA2180, MM12553) -Participated in the 50th anniversary of @shamrockmarathon weekend. Did the 8k Saturday which was warm but so much fun. So many people on both days. Sunday was the half. Started off chilly but warmed up once the sun came out. Great course support though. Would highly recommend it just for the swag and after party alone.

Paula Jamieson (HF6154) – Half #83 Yuengling Shamrock 1/2 … such a great race.. great weather, bling and after party

Photos and Post Credit; Elizabeth Alvarez, Susie Rogers-Kalimnios, Linda Snell, Charlene Board, Herv Sherd, Jen Merkel, Katy Fetzer, Patty Treece, Teon Taylor, Paula Jamieson

10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 20

Heather Broyles (HF18483) -Medal Monday from the Liberty Hospital “hilly” Half on Saturday. Half #20 and half 1 of 3 in three weekends. This is a new and big challenge for me, especially coming back from a groin muscle injury.

Katie Galvin (HF18121)-#medalmonday It was a fun weekend spent at the Rock n Roll Washington DC Half Marathon!! It was my brother and sister in law’s first half marathon…I think they might be hooked… they did awesome! My cousin ran also! So nice being able to spend some time with family!! Accidentally left my gels and headphones in my gear check bag🤦‍♀️and my legs started cramping the last few miles, ugh! But I finished!! I’m glad that I was able to meet some Fanatics at the pre-race photo!Got to see a bunch of the monuments and the cherry blossoms too!! 🌸 half#24 for me

Run the Bluegrass this weekend!🐎

Tricia & Aubrey Davis (HF18538 HF18587)- It’s #MedalMonday and Aubrey Davis and I had a great weekend at the Two Rivers Marathon Running Festival in Lackawaxen PA. Aubrey received the AG Champ award for first place finisher in the 5k/10k Combo and I was 2nd place AG in the half. We both received 2 medals that interlock for completing a race on Saturday and a race on Sunday, and the “I Did The Double” t-shirt. So exciting to meet and dine with fellow Fanatics and Maniacs and to meet the race directors Mark Hughes and Jc Santa Teresa.

Congratulations to Jc and to Julie Quinn for their AG awards! Great running weekend along the beautiful Delaware River.

Linda Snell (HF18475) – #medalmonday Half # 20 (I think!) at Two Rivers Marathon yesterday! Such a beautiful course, I loved running along the river ❤️. The volunteers and support were awesome, as was the swag! I was able to volunteer before I ran and it was all such a great experience! Wish it didn’t snow, but everything else was lovely! Not my best race but I did not dress for snow 🤦. Saw a couple MM there as well! Highly recommend ❤️

Claire Gladstone (MM12421) -medalmonday #tworivers great fun in Lackawaxen Pennsylvania! Start & finish near the Zane Grey Museum on the Lackawaxen & Delaware Rivers.

JC Santa Teresa (MM1883, DA3285, HF17373)- Co race directed, paced and cooked. It was great meeting a few Maniacs last weekend at Two Rivers marathon! Hope you had an awesome time like I did! See some of you soon!

Julia Garling (MM3960, DA2566, HF15262) – We did it, not the hills, the cobblestones, and there were many, nor the heat could take the permanent smile off my face today! Rome was marathon 263 and my first time pacing internationally.

I loved everything about this race. It’s like running through history, or an open air museum. I highly recommend this race to anyone looking for a European getaway.

Gilberto Sosa – (MM7904, DA1598, HF12046) Come, See, Run, Conquer! Marathon in Rome!!!!

Linc Stokes- (MM10592) – Half Marathons #93 and #94, Rock n Roll DC and B&A Trail Half Marathons are in the books! #BackToBack

Teon Taylor ( HF7350, DA2180, MM12448) – Yesterday finished Rock N Roll Washington D.C. my 73rd lifetime half, second half in 6 days, and first time running in my city of my birth 😊 Excluding MCM. Great course despite all those disrespectful hills on the back half. Serious what’s up with these uphill finishes lately lol. I may have to add this race to my yearly schedule. It was great seeing so many familiar faces out there as well. Nothing but praise for this race. My only complaints were: no GoGo bands on the course and one of my medals being stuck in customs. 🤣🤣🤣

Photos and Post Credit; Heather Broyles, Katie Galvin, Tricia & Aubrey Davis, Linda Snell, Claire Gladstone, JC Santa Teresa, Julia K Garling, Gilberto Sosa, Linc Stokes, Teon Taylor

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