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Christine Murasaki Ainsworth ( MM13525, DA3296, HF17376) My 7th Boston Marathon and 71st overall marathon. :)🙂 The weather was perfect for running but my body just wasn’t able to deliver what I was demanding from it. I was at least hoping to be around 5 hours, considering all the medical issues (torn hip, torn ankle, tendonitis both ankles, cracked tail bone ….all leftovers from 2 prior bad falls & a bit of overuse/degenerative changes) which I’ve been dealing with for months and all during training. I was exactly on target up to the half way point but by mile 20, on the Newton Hills, I had fallen 17 minutes behind and was in immense pain. Big Bird met me at our usual spots on the course and wanted me to STOP but I was in my determined “DCW” frame of mind, “Don’t stop, Can’t stop, Won’t Stop.” 🙂 I was determined to run with my many donors’ ribbons across the Finish Line. My aches & pains were NOTHING compared to all those special people journeying with me from Hopkinton to Boston. It was an honor & privilege to run in honor/support & in memory of so many people. I truly believe they all helped me cross that finish line. :)) I will be sending my donors’ ribbons to them shortly.

The people: runners & spectators make the Boston Marathon special even magical. The crowd support & volunteers were all amazingly supportive and always make it a fun experience. I’ve never heard my name yelled out so much as I did this year…when I was struggling along in the latter 6 miles. They make you feel like you can do anything even when you’re clearly on empty.

Big Bird had company/comepetition (?) 😉 this year. I saw Spencer the Boston Marathon support doggie near the start in Ashland and I stopped to pat his head, wish him luck in his battle against cancer, leave him a few wristband for his paws/ears. His owner took pics for all the runners. Some runner even gave Spencer her own 2021 Boston Marathon medal.
I also saw a pink inflatable unicorn, a trio of fluffy cute unicorns, a real bride & groom running in bridal attire, plus Natick Santa Claus, and even Bumble bees. The Wellesley Scream Tunnel was surreal and LOUD as ever. I handed out my wristbands as I ran along all the screaming & extended hands. I never saw my Big bird sign someone said they had made but I may have missed with all the screaming girls. :)) There was one guy along the course who held up a REAL-looking Boston bib, still in plastic which had “ I can sub.” He appeared several times through out the course. I kind of wished at several points he could have “subbed” for me. 😉 I wish I had taken his pic.

Although my finish time is no where close to my usual time or even my PR of 4:28, I was fortunate to be able participate and raise $$$ for cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I’m still fundraising for them throughout the spring & summer, so please donate if you can to help me reach my Fundraising Finish line and to help us inch closer and closer to a world without cancer.

#TeamBigBird #RUNDFM

Photo and Post Credit Christine Murasaki Ainsworth

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