Leveling Up to Gold

Gregory Rouson (MM12723, DA2354, HF8068) – Lifetime marathon #19 and TCS New York City Marathon #3…DONE!!! With this, my marathon season has come to a close. Three Abbott World Marathon Majors in less than 2 months. Yeah…I’d say I deserve a drank or two (or three!) after today. 😁😵‍💫🫠 #MM12723 #DA2354 #Roustance #runnyc My four-marathonContinue reading “Leveling Up to Gold”

Earning the Gold Medal in Honolulu

Tina Lam (MM15672, DA3665, HF16109) — I earned my gold medal for the 50th Anniversary of the Honolulu Marathon today! It was my first full marathon, since I became a Double Agent last year when I did 2 marathons within 16 days. I saw quite a few Marathon Maniacs on the course. Marathons are notContinue reading “Earning the Gold Medal in Honolulu”