Enjoying the Views at the Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Tiffany Kehoe – (HF18768) – Bird in Hand Half Marathon-
This was an absolutely beautiful race. I really loved the views and would highly recommend this race.
I didn’t find the course all that challenging. This race is mostly rolling hills. There are a few more challenging hills, but nothing overly taxing or unusual for a half marathon course. It happened to be very hot and the course did not offer much shade. If you don’t mind being personally victimized by the sun, I’d risk September weather and make this your PA race.
This race is runner friendly, front to back, everyone gets treated equally. There were ample hydration stops which offered both water and Gatorade. They also had coolers with ice along the course. Houses set up sprinklers for runners to utilize. This race has a four hour time limit, and they do not rush you. Everyone was supportive, kind and helpful.
I did the challenge and because of that I got the serving tray. There is a 5k the night before the half included in that challenge. There is also an option to add the dinner the night before. There was a nice spread after the race, however, I didn’t stay so I can’t comment on how nice it was.
The shirts were tech material and nicely made. The tray was also really nice. I personally find the medal a bit clunky, but I appreciate it’s uniqueness.
All in all, back of the pack friendly, runner oriented, and decent perks. Highly recommended 👍👍

Photo and Post Credit Tiffany Kehoe –

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