Going for the Podium Finish at the Akron Goodyear Half

Randy Riley (MM14470, DA3218, HF16432)– Goodyear Half Marathon & 10k I’ve competed in this Akron, OH Half Marathon all 8 years they’ve held it and it’s always been my nemesis. I’ve tried my best to AG podium finish and never quite made it, finishing 4th several times. I started strong today but the 3 H’s were stronger- Heat, Humidity and Hills.

It had rained throughout the night and when the sun began to heat the roads they became a steam bath. At 10 miles I started to struggle and slow down. Mentally I kept pushing, leaving nothing behind but knew it wasn’t my day.

Since it was my second HM this week having tired legs didn’t help. What I didn’t count on was the humidity affecting everyone else. So, yeah! Finally. 2nd place. Cue the music because like James Brown I feel good!

Always fun to race with the Goodyear Blimp circling overhead. Video is walking to the start on the Goodyear test track. Nice to see Half Fanatics Laurie Weiner at the finish line. 100 Half Marathons Club #medalmonday.

Photo and Post Credit Randy Riley

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