A Labor of Love at the Loopy Looper 100 Miler

Cade Remsburg (MM4393)- Yesterday’s Loopy Looper 100 miler (Pennsauken, NJ) was truly a labor of love – not for the race, but for myself. I wanted to quit at Mile 54 so bad but rather than consider that farther I found a tree and went legs on the wall. It helped – a little. And that is what I had the entire day just a little help in various places to help me push through. I started out faster than I wanted on the day because at 7:25 I was already throwing sweat. I became determined to do what I could because I knew mid day was going to be bad. At least there was plenty of shade.

After running my fastest 50k and feeling good I realized yeah there wasn’t that much shade. Suddenly my plan of walk the shade and run the sun was out the window. My legs felt good but my energy was sapped so I ate something… and we won’t be doing that again. Then I waited for the sun to go down and cool things a bit, but I never felt that relief. I had some improvement the last ten miles but it was far from enough to come out on top… again. The worst thing was all I could think when I struggled those middle miles was in a 100 you count miles by fives or tens yet I was counting and cheering every mile.

Photo and Post Credit – Cade Remsburg (MM4393)

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