A Family Running Journey; Four Races, Four States, 15 Days

The month of June led to an adventure for Stefanie Holliday (HF17442, DA14386, MM14386) & Noah Stockton (HF18783) . They traveled and completed four races, in four states in 15 days!

One of the end results of the trip was Noah qualifying for Half Fanatics. The other end result…an epic journey.

Their story is below. From Stefanie

June 2 My son (who now qualifies for Half Fanatics) is joining me for quite an adventure! The month of June has us hitting so many destinations roaming through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, and Canada of which we have three races in 8 days-tomorrow kicks off a nice warmup on one of my favorites, Revel Rockies. My son wants three halfs in 8 days in 3 states. I’ll support him tomorrow for Revel Rockies (CO), then Casper Marathon (WY) for me (half for him) on Sunday. The next weekend will taper for me in supporting him on a Montana trail for the Divide 50/25k.
Let’s do this! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏔️🏃🏻

June 3- Revel Rockies, Evergreen, Colorado in the books with my son. We both set PRs for this half! I’m 53, and he is almost 27 (birthday trip)…Now it’s off to run Casper, Wyoming tomorrow morning! Also met up with a bunch of other Maniacs/Fanatics on this race and group photo! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏔️🏃🏻💜

June 4– Well, my son and I did it! A bit painfully today, and definitely a bit slower than our PRs yesterday, but we did it! Lots of hills the first half of the race. Two endurance races, two states in two days! Casper Marathon/Half in the books crossing off Wyoming.
We will be resting and eating (lol) the rest of the day, then we are off tomorrow to Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons!
2 of 3 done on our almost 3-week trek-The Divide Trail Race running the Continental Divide in Montana next Saturday..

June 5– Medal Monday! My son, Noah, is eligible now to join Half-Fanatics, and with our 25k trail race this Saturday, he will even level up! So proud of him!
For me: ran my 41st and 42nd of my half-marathon distance (I separate from my marathons/ultras) adding another state. I’ve now crossed off 17 states for my halfs.
Thank you Patty Treece and Rebecca Ann for the encouragement for Noah to join!

June 10- My son and I just finished what I will say was no doubt the most DIFFICULT trail race I have accomplished to date. Montana’s Rockies are in the books! 3rd state (CO, WY, MT), 3 races, 8 days…and we aren’t done!
Not being whiny and crabby, this race was ROUGH, but also THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL 78 endurance races I’ve run. Noah loved it, but even his 26YO body had a rough time!
The scariest moments for me were: seeing fresh grizzly scat and warnings for mountain lions as well. Even worse, the long old tunnel housed 2 feet deep of sheer ice leaving everyone scooting as slow as possible (believe it or not, I actually was not injured, just ended up soaking my feet slipping into an ice-cold puddle in the dark). It was pitch black even with headlamp! The trails were often non-visible and had us running steep rocks and ledges.
The elevation and climbing on the most technical trails I’ve run to date was so so difficult. I was thinking from having lived in a lot of different terrains including the Rockies where I’m from (currently living in Coastal Alabama) it’s seriously a load of poop when people say “just get some hill work in and train in humidity, it simulates altitude and trails in the West.” I’ve run enough trail miles to tell any trail-running newbie that is highly incorrect…choose this race MOST DEFINITELY, just don’t make it your first!
Wolf Pack Adventures Divide 50/25k

June 12– Medal Monday for our 17-day adventure throughout Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. My son and I are at 3 races in 3 states in 8 days (Revel Rockies-CO, Visit Casper Marathon-WY and Divide 50/25k Trail Races-MT) plus four national parks hiking so far. 6 days left, and we are going to be able to add another race state for the half-marathons (Iowa) and two more national parks on our way to the finish of this current journey!!

On another note: my son’s 27th birthday was yesterday! What a way for him to challenge himself with this new adventure of races that all of us are well familiar with!! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏔️🏃🏻

June 14– Pretty excited my son, Noah, has now qualified and leveled up already in our Half Fanatics with his 3 races in 8 days with me in WY, MT, CO!!! So proud as his Double Agent mom! (Stefanie) Now to get him to run a marathon… 😁🤣🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻 (Patty Treece Rebecca Ann, he’s in!!!)

June 15– Enjoyed a shake-out run outside beautiful Glacier National Park after two halfs and a 25k trail race in 8 days (MT, WY, CO)! We are pulling in one more half in Iowa on our 18-day journey for four races, four states in 15 days. This has been a blast with my son!

June 17– An amazing journey…
Anyone can travel. My life has been such a blessed one to even live so, so many places in the U.S. with tons of time in Europe, Central America, Mexico (even missionary work), and the Caribbean. BUT, there is something about the miles of your journey including running, as you all know! We’ve all seen things the typical traveler has not seen, because we receive a different view that a car/plane journey cannot include.
For the last 17 days on this particular travel, my son joined me on a quest (I stuck to half-marathons in support of him achieving this-I’m so proud of him!!!): to race 4 states, visit (even hike more miles) 6 national parks, meet tons of locals running from 1,300 ft. to 7,800 ft. of elevation including very DIFFICULT mountain trails, mountain roads, and flatlands of fields.
My last race of these four in 15 days, I set a PR (for 2023) with crossing Iowa off my list for half-marathons. I placed 2ND in my group and 12th overall (I even passed 8 young whippersnappers 🤣 at age 53 along the road) for 13.1 miles. Noah finished 9 minutes ahead of me. He finished 3rd in his group!!
We supported a wonderful mission, and the kids made our medals. Some are in it for the bling. These are the best medals ever because youth made them. And with one of my most favorite of Bible verses! When I count my half-marathons, this is #44 and 20th state (even though my fulls/ultra marathons have me at more).

June 19– MEDAL MONDAY (Late)
My son (newest HF member, Noah Stockton) and I did it (5,724 miles of driving and adventures in 6 National Parks and four races)!!
Four races, four states, 15 days!
1) Revel Rockies Half (June 4-CO)
2) Casper Half-Marathon (June 5-WY)
3) The Divide 25k Trail Race (June 10-MT)
4) The Bridge of Storm Lake (June 17-Iowa) (me finishing second in my group and him finishing 3rd in his)
We are now home resting after 19 days away!! On to next adventures…

Photo and Post Credit Stefanie Holliday

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