Enduring at the Eagle Up Ultra

Brian Johnson (MM8807, DA707, HF7287)

  • Ultra Marathon 5
  • State 25 (and still holding)
  • Canal Fulton Ohio
  • Eagle Up Ultra
  • 44th race at marathon length or longer.

The event helps benefit TeamRWB. Being a veteran, I like races like this that support veterans’ organizations,

I am both happy and frustrated with how the day went.

The biggest thing I learned is, I need to be even better with my salt intake.

The event started at 6am Saturday, So I went up Friday morning (about a 2-hour drive) and spent the day working in a field on a mobile hot spot connection and a portable generator.

That was a learning experience.

It was hot all day.

I met with friends for lunch and dinner on Friday. I would find them as they set up. The local restaurants serve really good food. Angie Oberhauser Mandy and I had both a good lunch at Sister’s Century House Restaurant and Dinner at The Barrell Room.

TeamRWB had a social Friday night, so I also spent time there. Kerry was in from New Hampshire for the race. She was at packet pickup. We went over for the social.

I had originally signed up for the 100k. With how the heat was, I figured I was going to get fifty miles at best.

I was wrong.

The race itself is a lot of fun because you can camp in a field. It cuts down on costs. So, my tent area was right next to the racecourse. I knew I would be able to stop during the event and rest for a bit if I wanted to.

My goal was to be off the course in 12 hours.

Friday night was a quiet night sleeping in the tent. It got cool enough that it was comfortable.

Saturday, I knew going slower would be key.

The last time I did this was 2 years ago, I had a broken wrist and was just miserable. This day I was just hot and miserable.

The race started at 6am. About 5:00 I was listening to people moving around the campsite.

The race itself was great. My goal was to have as many laps completed as I could before 9:30am

I knew at that point the humidity would take off and the day would get bad.

I was just starting my third lap around that time.

Each Lap is five miles.

The first lap I ran off and on with Hope Syriphokha . We kept a steady interval pace.

Lap 2 I walked with Mandy Still and we talked a while.

Lap 3, as it was getting warmer, I tried at a faster pace off and on. I was doing ok until I rolled my ankle. I walked it off and got ready for the next three laps.

I ran a bit with Heather Bechtel.

Lap 4 Brian Goodson and I walked for a while.

Lap 5 I was on my own. I was going to sit down going into the last lap, but Kerri Haskins found me and helped motivate me to get back out there again for lap 6.

Lap 6 went ok. My biggest issue came in the last mile.

When you complete lap 6, you must go down another half mile, turn around and come back,

I was ok on the way down. On the way back about a quarter mile from the end, I had to lay on a bench for a few minutes because my back hurt so badly.

I got over the finish line, got the medal, and went to the beer tent area. At that point Dr. Heather texted me wondering where I was and asked if I was ok.

I told her that I was in the beer area and needed help and some pickle juice. Mandy and Heather came over with some pickle juice and helped me get up and make sure I was ok.

I felt awful enough that I did not touch the free beer. (good quality beer)

They helped me get back to my camping area and break everything down.

I eventually got loaded, into the air conditioning, and headed south.

12 hours on the course was enough for me.

Food report—-

Good as always. Almost a buffet during the day. PBJ, Pizza, Bacon, BBQ, Mac and Cheese, Ginger ale, candy, and anything else you could want to help keep your blood sugar up.

It was cool to get to meet Debbie LaFond , Laurie Weiner and quite a few other people.

The Fall Marathon training season begins tomorrow.

It was a good day, with a lot of things learned. #run #runhappy #beatyestetday #ohio #ultramarathon #canalfulton #24hoursofcrazy

Photo and Post Credit Brian Johnson, Laurie Weiner, Heather Bechtel

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