Lightning, Thunder and a “Shelter in Place” at the Flying Pig Marathon

Olivia Medina (MM7842) – State #31 – Ohio
Flying Pig Marathon
At the start, hoards of runners staged in corrals expressed concern about whether the race would be canceled. It began to rain at 6:30am, same as the race start time. Around mile three, lightning and thunder rolled overhead. I later came to learn race officials had issued a “Shelter in Place” notification Unaware at the time….. we kept running and pushed through the torrential downpour while running on high bridges and highway overpasses. Eventually the pouring rain subsided and we were left to cross deep water currents flowing into city sewer drains.
Despite being drenched, I felt great. The race was a slow fun jog to the finish with several stops at the courtesy aid stations. Along the route I had a Capri Sun, Coca-Cola and a popsicle – just enough sugar to fuel my energy stores. Two separate aid stations set up games: I tossed a football into a basket, and shot a basketball free throw. I also received several high-fives from nursing home residents who stepped out to the streets to cheer.
Other motivational words came from the various Marathon Maniacs I ran into along the way, including Jun, who I met last week at the Tacoma City Marathon. I met Mad-Dog and David at the race recovery area.
My bib may be illegible from the rain, but my memory of this race will remain clear.

Photo and Post Credit Olivia Medina

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