Tales From the Atlantic City Marathon

There were many club members running in Atlantic City this past weekend. Here are a few of their stories.

Mary Miller(MM14657)- Another marathon on the books Atlantic City, New Jersey with some great runner friends, Northwest Calumet Striders and Marathon Maniacs. It was very windy and rainy. I didn’t place but got finishing time of 4:54:21! 😃 🏃‍♀️

Karen Murray-(MM8075, DA576, HF5492) -Beach marathons are always windy in one direction. Today was no different, except add in the pelting rain for 10 miles into the headwind and it added some extra work I didn’t want. 😂. It could have been worse. The temps were actually bearable, and I didn’t mind running in the rain.
Congrats to everyone for persevering the weather and keeping yourself pushing in the headwinds!! 🎉

Claire Gladstone(MM12421) Despite the rain and wind, we had a great race. We picked up a new friend, cheered 2 x 1st time marathoners, and ran all over Atlantic City. Super fun day with Jun and our new friend Steven!!! #runac. 113 is in the books, ATLANTIC CITY!

Jamie Miller (MM14478) -State #37 New Jersey – 22 mph winds and rain in the face the entire time, but the best marathon I have ran since Oct 2019.

Photo and Post Credit Jamie Miller, Claire Gladstone, Karen Murray, Mary Miller

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