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Katie Applegate (HF18527) – When I started running less than 3 years ago, my goal was to finish a half marathon. I was adamant that I would never want to run a marathon. But then life kept throwing curveballs at me and I told myself I needed to run a marathon to prove to myself that I could. After my second marathon, I said I would never do another one again. Well, a year later I ran one anyways. And this past weekend, I decided to challenge myself once again. I became an ultra marathoner and ran 31.1 miles. Clint asked me to run it, and I said okay. So I joined a handful of friends and we decided to join (and continue membership of) the crazy cult of ultra running.

I spent 24 miles of those with Clint and Sydney before I broke off and spent 7 miles in solitude. I don’t listen to music when I run, I do that all day long at work. It’s my chance to listen to my breathing, my footsteps, nature around me. There is a peace to it, spending Almost 7 hours running with minimal noise. Just friends talking, and laughing, and singing. And the silence to reconnect with yours thoughts. If you usually run with headphones, I encourage you to just disconnect with the noise and connect instead with yourself.

My goal is to lead a life worth living. To show to a little boy that his mommy is capable of doing tough things. That my life is not restricted because I’m a single mom. My situation is challenging, but it’s not an excuse to watch life and dreams pass me by.
Thank you Midwest Endurance Race Co for giving me this opportunity to accomplish another dream.

Photo Credit Mile 90 Photography and Post Credit Katie Applegate

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