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Medal Monday Anchorage RunFest Skinny Raven Half Marathon 2021, my hometown race. I maybe a little bit biased because I volunteer and help the Anchorage Running Club, local non-profit. I am basically their race ambassador and social media guru. I try my best to help welcome the runners for race weekend. After this race canceled last year, we did everything that we could to make sure this race would be live. This also meant they had to make quite a few adjustments. No expo because the venue was too expensive and hardly any interest of folks to be exhibitors at the expo. Hosting an early Thurs bib pick up outside Skinny Raven, our local running store.

There were issues securing enough porta potties and tents because all the supplies were sent to the Alaska State Fair. Even I had issues with the long lines at the porta potties before the race start.

We had less groups of volunteers and due to the limited supplies, had to cut down number of aid stations, but there were still 4 aid stations on the half marathon route. We had entertainment at certain spots on the course and were very happy to see some spectators cheering.

The race starts downtown, goes along the Coastal trail and on the Chester Creek trail thru town. So there are a few hills and ends on a hill. I got 459 ft elevation gain. Other half marathoners saw a black bear run across the trail at mile 4. The weather was perfect, 52F, light breeze and it started to rain after I finished in 2:30:35.

This was the 1st year that we had pacers- On Pace Race and they brought more energy and helped so many runners reach their race goals. The half marathon was the largest race with 631 finishers. There is a 5k, half, full, and ultra 49k. This was the first year they had 50 state finisher certificates printed. Age group awards are given. I run this race every year!

Quite a few Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs came this year. Happy that we were able to race again. Hope to see more Half Fanatics next year and usually there is a discount code! Tina Torun HF16109

Photo and Post Credit Tina Torun

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