Sun Valley Revel Half Marathon — Delia Gonzalez — HF16658

This one took some dedication, commitment and tenacity! I was seriously wondering whether this would be my first DNF! I was hurting most of the way! To all of you that texted and posted THANK YOU!!! That got me through! At mile 10 with a 5K to go I was still doubting! Once I hit mile 11 I thought okay even if the last two miles take me an hour I am going to make it!! I made several stops the last 2 miles to sit and stretch the foot! But once I saw the finish line I ran it in! I almost quit running until I saw a woman I had seen at the start! She was smiling so big and clapping for me that I knew I had to run the rest of the way!!! Thankful that I finished! Thankful for good friends! Thankful for your kind wishes and your messages!!!

The medal is awesome!!!

Sun Valley Revel Half Marathon!

Post Credit Delia Gonzalez

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