April 2022 Run Family

Before we race, we like to do a “Family Photo” if we can. The Marathon Maniac/Half Fanatic Run Family can be found at races all over the country. Here are some of the run family sightings from April 2022 Marathon Maniacs at the Boston marathon At Garmin Olathe Marathon/Half marathon in the Land of OzContinue reading “April 2022 Run Family”

Marathoning in The Land of Oz

Brian Johnson (MM8807, DA707, HF7287) Marathon Distance or Better Race 33State 18 (Kansas)Garmin Olathe Marathon in the Land of Oz. This year’ s theme was “The Wicked Witch of the West” Let me say this…my word it was windy! The race took place at the Garmin World Headquarters in Kansas. Winds were a constant 20Continue reading “Marathoning in The Land of Oz”