Number 3 Finishing 300 at the Seattle Marathon

Congratulations to Main Maniac Tony Phillipi (MM3, DA3, HF3) who completed his 300th Marathon this past weekend at the Seattle Marathon! From Tony, “Saturday I completed my 300th Marathon and 20th Seattle Marathon. Finally, I’ve been slacking some the last few years. With every new course comes a whole list of new logistics and challenges.Continue reading “Number 3 Finishing 300 at the Seattle Marathon”

Finishing 300

Sue Stevens (HF8593, DA2452, MM12891)-On Saturday I ran Half #300 at the Snoqualmie Valley Half in WA. It was a scorcher, so quickly dropped any thoughts of a PR, and just enjoyed the run! Before the start with these fabulous inspirational ladies. Danja Roberts ran the 10k and won her age group, Hall of FamerContinue reading “Finishing 300”