New York Marathon Class of 2023

Jackie James (HF17621) – Hey fam❤️Happy Monday! I did it!! I am now a part of the 1%. New York Marathon Class of 2023!! This one was special running by where I once lived. I was 17 1/2 when we moved away but New York will forever be my first home where I’m from! It is a great race & the crowd was absolutely amazing to keep me pushing through. It is definitely one to do!! Even with the inclines/bridges. Run fam showed up to cheer & volunteer!! The race event is well organized; I wasn’t very excited about the walk from 77th to 67th to meet my family. All of the volunteers did a good job! Today, I walked it out around the city sporting my medal & jacket with everyone else. It’s been a awesome week!!!

Photo and Post Credit Jackie James

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