Having a Blast at the Detroit Free Press Half

Tiffany Kehoe – (HF18768) –Detroit Free Press-International Half Marathon:
Wow! What a blast this race was!

I really don’t have many cons in regard to this race. Overall, it was pretty impressive, well run, and the vibe was extremely positive.

The expo was good, I wouldn’t say great, but it was good. In my opinion, they could have had some more T-shirt options. I also really enjoy freebies and I didn’t get anything except the cliff bar samples. It was ran well, and I really liked the ability to buy swag ahead of time and pick it up. I wish more races offered that option!

The race itself was excellent. They offered pre and post race snacks/drinks, which was beneficial. Traffic, for the most part, was well maintained and safe for runners. Quite a few rude folks who didn’t get the memo to pull a Ludacris and MOVE…. But the volunteers were AMAZING and friendly. Many of them called us by name to offer support. It was a nice gesture and very much appreciated. There were plenty of hydration stations, along with giving out clif blocks towards the end.

The course wasn’t overly hard. There were a few big inclines (the bridge was a doozy) but otherwise fairly manageable. It’s friendly for all runners, including us snails, sloths and turtles! The sweeper had a nice sized group with him and I heard from others that in past years this was also common. I heard nothing but good things as far as encouragement to those in the back. It is definitely back of the pack friendly.

The post race was nice and offered food trucks, live music and drinks. It had a nice vibe.
I would absolutely recommend this race. The views are really pretty and it’s a fun experience. Definitely check this out if you need Michigan!

Photo and Post Credit Tiffany Kehoe – (HF18768)

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