The Toledo Mini Half Marathon

Randy Riley (MM14470, DA3218, HF16432)

Toledo Mini Half Marathon & Quarter Marathon Lifetime Half Marathon #214 Always enjoy putting in miles with Half Fanatics Heidi Marie Hammond (HF18098) who pushed me to my fastest half of the year. This is a point to point race starting in Maumee and finishing in the Mudhen’s ballpark in downtown Toledo. Love finishing in stadiums and this is a beautiful one. I had a fun finish because when I entered the stadium on the warning track I could hear the announcer say, “And here comes Randall Riley from Southington…Wow Randall Riley is 74 years old. Everyone give him a big hand. THIS IS HOW ITS DONE!” I can’t remember every thing else he said but I raised my hand over my head waving at the cheering crowd in the stands as I ran the last 100 yards to the finish line. For a moment I felt like an MVP athlete. So much fun after struggling through the final up hill miles. There are so few things in life that can give the experience of a finish line. 1st place AG and a nice award.

Photo and Post Credit Randy Riley

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