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Tim Mullican (MM7665)- I ran in the Pinetum Mind Games Endurance Event in Dixon, IL on Friday and Saturday. It was run in Lowell Park on a 0.411 mile paved loop. Almost exactly on the 7 pm start, a thunderstorm blew in and pounded us with rain which soaked my shoes and socks. After dark, it sprinkled off and on, but kept us nice and cool. I ran through most of the night, but fell asleep on my chair for about half an hour around 4:30 am. By that time, I was developing blisters on both feet. I tried to change my shoes and socks, but the rain soaked my running bag and all of my socks were wet. The sun came out in the morning, and I ran off and on until about 1:30 pm. At times, my hip was flaring up and was quite painful. I ended up with 100 loops which totaled 41.1 miles, far short of my 50 mile goal. I ended up in 12th place out of 23 in the 24 hour race and first in my age group.

Photo and Post Credit Tim Mullican

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