Run the Bluegrass in Kentucky

TC Mattoon (HF18537) -First of all, y’all from Kentucky have my respect after running “Run the Bluegrass” today. I think I’d rather run in ninety percent humidity than tackle the hills we ran today on my training runs every week. I’m a slow half marathoner and I’m ok with that. I’ve been getting slowly faster but after driving the “Run the Bluegrass” course Friday I knew my best bet was stick to my intervals when I can, walk the big hills and never miss a downhill. I told my friends that was the prettiest 13.1 miles of torture I have ever endured. I’m glad I can check Kentucky off the map. Loved the playing of “Old Kentucky Home” and the bugle start. Got to wander a bit after picking up our bibs and knob creek Friday. Keeneland is beautiful. The rains were steady but I can handle rain just a little hard on the toes.

Photo and Post Credit TC Mattoon

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