Never Been So Proud To Be DFL

Linda Snell (MM16006, DA3757, HF18475) – Jim Thorpe Area Running Festival

I’ve never been so proud to be DFL:
I am not sure where to even begin with this post…this was my first marathon of 2 I’m doing a week apart because I’m trying to qualify for the Marathon Maniacs group. So. Much. Went. Wrong. And then it started raining, (around mile 9) and it was relentless! The path deteriorated into a cold, swampy mess of puddles and felt like sand in some places, which further slowed down my already too slow pace (ankle and low back were acting up). Around mile 19 we lost out pacer as she had an injury and needed to be picked up.
Around this time I realized I was not going to make the 7 hour cutoff, and asked if they could wait just a little longer as I needed an official time. They did. The sweeper, Sheila, was kind and supportive and despite everything I finished in a little over 7 hours! I was running w a gal named Jennifer who was struggling as much as I was and after we finished together, dead last, she said she would have quit if i wasn’t there. I’m halfway to being an official Marathon Maniac! Thank you RUNegades for an amazing event! #medalmonday

UPDATE: Since the Original Post, Linda has qualified for Marathon Maniacs.

Photo and Post Credit Linda Snell

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