Overcoming Adversity at the Revel Mt Charleston Marathon

Gysel Parajon (MM8995, DA3751, HF18751) – Two weeks after running the LA Marathon, (where I acquired Covid for the second time, recuperating fully; yes I am well and checked myself before joining society again), I traveled for a quick 24-hours to run down this beautiful mountain course outside of Vegas, where we were all met with freezing temperatures at the start, (24 degrees), wherein I happened to acquire a robe someone had discarded, which I managed to keep throughout the race as it actually kept me cool as the day progressed and became warmer.

I was doing and feeling great up until around mile 16, when my hamstrings, glutes, and then feet seized up on me. I kept pushing and pushing until I could only walk, speed-walk that is, through the last four miles, BUT I finished outpacing my LA Marathon time by 4 minutes and 5 seconds!!!

All of this was accomplished with very little sleep, which I don’t recommend, but I am happy that with each race I am getting stronger and faster again. 💪🏽

This was a great race in which I got to run, talk, and meet with some great people from my running club as well as others. Thank you for such a great day!! As one runner remarked the day was going to be a “PR in fun!”

Photo and Post Credit Gysel Parajon

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