Maniac Sightings at the Los Angeles Marathon

Eddie Hahn (MM184) – Marathon Maniac Hall of Famer Pascal Radley (MM2051) and I managed to locate each other despite not knowing each would be costumed and only having met in person once previously. Maniac Australian-American Andrew Cox (MM8604) and I have run plenty of regional marathons together, but we really had a blast this time out. Legendary Maniac marathon basketball dribbler, prolific 100 mile endurance runner and half Iron regular Maniac Mitchell Chan (MM790) was on course, as well as Maniac Hall of Famer and 100 miler record holder Ed Ettinghausen (MM1594) the Jester cheering us on at mile .2 and 20. Los Angeles Marathon 2023, 38th edition.

Photo and Post Credit Eddie Hahn

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