Qualifying to be a Maniac

Congratulations to Anne Noble (HF16638) who recently completed the qualifications (again) to become a Marathon Maniac.

From Anne, “Well, I’ve completed the criteria for bronze, for the 3rd time! I’m surprised no one has suggested something like 3 in 30 to be an option for silver. But whatever. I’m shooting for 🥇, now! Why do we have odd goals? 😆
Fall 2017 – failed first attempt. Went to hospital instead of start line… twice.
Spring 2018 – 3 in 64 days (I planned a for 4 within 90, in case of a mishap)
Fall 2019 – 3 in 28 days (This was the only 3 I ran that year, and it was 6 months after spending a couple weeks in the hospital, 3 surgeries, and stopped breathing twice.
Fall 2022 – started making plans months ago to level up straight from Bronze to Gold. I’m 3/4 the way there. Then I guess I’ll pay the dues to be official, get a number, lol, a shirt (as if I need more shirts?!) …. rather than just SAYING I consider myself a maniac! 🙂

What does it take to be a Marathon Maniac? You can read more about it here https://www.marathonmaniacs.com/maniac-criteria

Photo and Post Credit Anne Noble

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