First Ultra Marathon at Jacks 50K

Congratulations to Jason Hube (MM12601). He finished his first Ultra Marathon at Jacks 50K Trail Race in Palm Coast, Florida

Jason’s Race Report: This #medalmonday is a special one. I finished my first ultra marathon yesterday!!! #jacks50k was no joke. Very tough course on a mountain bike trail which was very curvy and had some tough technical sections. Thank you Dawn Lisenby for putting on a great race! The race was a celebration of all the hard work myself and other runners on season 12 of #becomingultra have put in over the last 6 months. Every single one of us finished our first ultra and I couldn’t be more proud of every one and to have been a part of this whole process.
The whole thing has been a dream come true; to be coached by Hillary Allen, to be a part of a great running community, and to become an ultramarathoner. I’ve been dreaming of becoming an ultramarathoner for years since I first learned that these races even existed. I hope this is just the first of my ultra running journey and what an amazing first step it’s been.
Thank you so much to my Hillary for being an amazing coach and helping me make my dreams come true. I’ll forever be proud of being a member of #teamhillygoat. Thanks to Kelly for being the best damn crew, wife, and support I could ever hope for. Thanks to Marissa and Kayleen for the support and crewing. Thanks and congrats to the other season 12 runners Katie (the best teammate I could ever ask for), Dayna, Natalie, Nicholas, David, and Jackson. So proud of all of you and to have gone through this whole process with you. I wouldn’t change a thing. Last but not least, thank you Scott Jones for creating #becomingultra and making all of this a reality for so many.
PS The one and only Killian Jornet congratulated me on my post in the #nnormal community.

Photo and Post Credit Jason Hube

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