Alexa’s Thunder Trail Half Marathon Run

Teresa Vincent –HF16573- Saturday Aug 6th – I ran the Alexa’s Thunder Trail Half Marathon Run in New Jersey.
First the good: the race director and the volunteers are so caring and AMAZING!! The trail is absolutely beautiful!! The shirt, medals, and swag are all so fun and cool! This race pairs with #Friend2Friend and 100% of race fees provide free digital mammograms to those in need. 💖💖💖
Now: for a race, this was a complete sufferfest for me … It was my first DFL and I wear that with pride. No excuses here, I ate something yesterday that didn’t agree with my stomach and -TMI alert – I spent most of the night in the bathroom. Was thinking of dropping to the 10k honestly, but I needed a NJ Half. My dumbass left my hydration vest at home and all my Skratch chews 😥 so in the heat and humidity I boinked. I boinked HARD! Felt like quitting, but an amazing volunteer manning an aid station was kind enough to walk me in. I needed that, needed a distraction because I was so over it. Huge THANK YOU to the wonderful volunteer who walked me in, the awesome volunteer who handed me my finisher’s medal, and the WONDERFUL volunteer who handed me a huge bag of cut up watermelon 🍉🍉🍉🍉. So needed 💖 Basically, loved everything about this race, except for how I felt during 😜
For all the wonderful people I talked to before the Run started, I hope you all had an amazing time and CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎉🎉

#alexasthunderrun #halffanatic

Photo and Post Credit Teresa Vincent

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