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Joanne Blatchley (HF14845) Mini Indy 500 – Indianapolis, Indiana
This weekend brought me to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Mini Indy Marathon Weekend.
The expo was held at the Convention Center and was very well organized. Prior to entering the actual hall you’re greeted by a Mini Indy arch sign.
You head to the back of the hall for packet pick up and if you didn’t have your bib # handy, they had what I think is a great idea; a wall of QR codes you could scan with your phone, type in your name and Boom, your info pops up.
Packet pick up ran very smoothly and they had a table for race shirt size exchange. The sizing of women’s shirts was interesting. Since they normally run small I ordered a 2XL but when I took it out of the package the length went down to almost my knees so I easily exchanged it for a men’s large.
A nice switch was cushioned carpet throughout the hall so no painful feet from walking around on cement. There were plenty of vendors to satisfy runners’needs. On the way out, they handed you a Mini Indy 500 runner’s cap with velcro closure. They had a Golden Mile booth where they had bibs to remember fallen Indiana service members…and yes, I did grab one.
We had perfect weather for race day. Started at 50 and very windy then warmed up to about 60 since the sun came out to play by finish time for me and with the wind it was perfect.
There were plenty of water and Gatorade stations along the route but no other refuel options unless they ran out by the time I got there. The only negative about the water stop right before you head into the raceway was they water tasted gross. Think back to when you were a kid and drank from a water hose on a hot day. yep, it tasted like a hose…ewww, gross. Of course I filled my water bottle with a few cups before I realized how awful it tasted.
This course is pretty flat which I always like. We ran throughout downtown, neighborhoods, through the raceway, around the track and back toward downtown. About a quarter way onto the track od the raceway, you come upon the Golden Mile and there are American flags and photos of all the Indiana fallen service members. My emotions stayed in check until I looked over and saw a lady standing behind a photo of a young service member. I was compelled to go over and give her a great big hug and it was then I turned into a blubbering idiot. I will say running around the Indy 500 track is moment I will always remember and I even got to 💋 the bricks (I’ve been told it’s a thing).
They had music all the way until maybe mile 12 with local bands to include young kids playing for us. The crowd support was fantastic all along the way.
The finish line and chute was very organized.
They gave you your medal and then a plastic and biodegradable and reusable grocery bag to hold the post race snacks (smart thinking). I felt like I was trick or treating. They had bottled water, fruit cups, granola bars, bananas, Kodiak graham crackers, cookies. The kept you corralled with the fencing which led to the post party festivities.
There they had chocolate milk bottles, a massage tent, sponsor tents, a stage with bands playing, the Michelob Ultra Booth for your free participant beer and a bunch of food trucks ($$). So we grabbed some tacos and a Mexican Coke for our after race snack.
Downtown Indiana was very nice and definitely walkable to everything to include start and finish lines. It wasn’t worth getting a rental car since valet parking is anywhere from $28-50 per night. This town welcomed us runners with open arms and we felt the love. The locals were friendly as well as all the waitstaff we encountered.
THIS is a race I would definitely come back and run again. 5 🌟 rating from me.
Thanks for a great weekend Indianapolis!❤️

Photo and Post Credit Joanne Blatchley (HF14845)

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