Maniacs in Rome

The Marathon maniacs can be found racing at venues all around the world. Recently at the Rome Marathon, a few of our members could be seen running “The Eternal City”

Laura Lee (MM12092, DA2687, MM15570) & Lorri Fechtman (MM11807, DA2698, HF15590) – Double Agent Lorri Fechtman and I representing in Rome last Sunday. Used Rome as A training long run in between 50 State races this spring ! 🤣 we officially feel like Maniacs now!!!

Julia Garling (MM3960, DA2566, HF15262) -We did it, not the hills, the cobblestones, and there were many, nor the heat could take the permanent smile off my face today!
Rome was marathon 263 and my first time pacing internationally.
I loved everything about this race. It’s like running through history, or an open air museum. I highly recommend this race to anyone looking for a European getaway.

Gilberto Sosa (MM#7904, DA#1598, HF12046) Veni, Vidi, Run, Vici! Maratona di Roma!!!! (Come, See, Run, Conquer! Marathon in Rome!!!!)

Photo Credit Laura Lee, Julia Garling

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