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Joanne Blatchley (HF14845) Happy Medal Monday!
This weekend I traveled to Arkansas for the Little Rock Half Marathon. Since it was their 20th anniversary, the bling was extra special and hard to pass up.
The expo was held in the Marriott Convention Halls and although not full capacity, there were many different vendors to take our money.🤣
The race was definitely well organized and the crowd support as well as the people at the water/adult beverage stops were fantastic and cheered us all on.
The original weather forecast has most of a little nervous since it called for rain, thunder and lightning but the running gods had pity on us and held the storms back. We did have a few passing rain squalls but actually with the mid 60s temps and the humidity, it felt nice and refreshing.
The course itself was okay. There was an even mix of flat, slight incline and hills. The thing I wasn’t wowed about was the lack of scenery on the actual course. Yes, you did go through a few nice neighbors and ran back and forth over the bridge but to me, it was “very” lackluster.
The finish was well organized as they announced the runners coming in and then you were ushered inside the convention hall to be awarded your medal and the photographers were there to take your photo before the line for the post race meal began. They had a pretty decent selection from pasta and marinara sauce, breakfast burritos and then the standard banana, along with other snacks. Someone was thinking because they even handed you the snacks in a bag to make it easier for the runners. Michelob Ultra was there along with water and a variety of milk and juice options.
I am glad I ran this race, mainly for meeting up with friends and the huge bling but it’s not one I would go out of my way to recommend if you’re looking for a scenic route.

Photo and Post Credit Joanne Blatchley

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