Idaho Falls Half Marathon — Jolanta Thorburn — HF18464

IDAHO is done! ✔️ State 4/50 #50before50 #runningthestates #runningtheusa
6th Official Road HM
I’m sure this wasn’t the last time I will run in the pouring heavy rain, but it was my first. To say I was soaked it would have been an understatement. I was drenched to the core. We all were! ☔️ 🤣 The rain was much needed in this region, so I didn’t mind it at all 😀
I liked the point to point course, rolling hills, a bit of a muddy trail.
It was slippery in some parts and towards the end the streets looked like rivers, so you had to be careful while crossing. The organization could have been a bit better, specially the beginning part.
Congratulations to all the runners!

Photo and Post Credit Jolanta Thorburn

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