Ed Childress

Howdy ! I’m Ed Childress, the Fanatics/Maniacs Ambassador
for Austin Texas (MM #10428, HF #9881, DA #1019). I’ve
been a member since December 2014. I have been a runner
(of some sort) since elementary school. I thought I would
be a sprinter, but I guess I just wasn’t fast enough. I
fell in love with Cross Country in High School and have
been running long distance since then.
I decided I wanted to run a marathon by the time I turned 40,
so I joined Austin Fit, part of the USA Fit Marathon Training
program. I moved to Round Rock Fit the next year (closer to
home) and became an assistant coach.
So, how did I come across Marathon Manics ? I believe it was
a friend of mine who also works at IBM (Mike Perez) that introduced me to
the club. I started my journey by first signing up for Half
Fanatics (I had already qualified), and began my journey at
the 2014 Portland Marathon. Next was Rock N Roll Savannah and
met my qualification at the Honolulu Marathon. I met the Prez
(Steven Yee).
Since joining, I’ve completed a marathon (or longer) in all 50
states. I have also completed the World Marathon Majors !
So what’s next ? I’m working on my second round of both the World
Marathon Majors (Boston, Chicago, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and
London), as well as completing a second round of the 50 States. I’m
also “collecting” belt buckles from 100 milers (or longer),
The best part of being a maniac (or fanatic) is the friendships. I’ve met
some of my best friends in Alaska of all places. Funny thing is, I work at
IBM and I have a good friend who happens to work in the
same building/same floor and we first met in Alaska as well ! Note: he’s
not a maniac yet — I’ve been working on him though !!!

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