Trying Something New (6 marathons in 6 states in 6 days)

Ed Cabanero (MM388) – Tried something new. Mainly Marathons Southwest Series (6 marathons in 6 states in 6 days). Done!

Met great people who are many levels of maniacal tendencies than me. 😁😁😁. At least my wife now thinks how normal I seem to be, given the company.

Got into a routine each day, where getting to the start is probably the main task (when your body just wants to sleep in). I ate little in between races. In the courses, the first mile is always shakeout and then the rest were just run and repeat.

Got to see a little of sky country and run in thin air for a change. Durango at 6500 and Flagstaff at 6900. Did better than okay at being able to sustain a pedestrian pace. I’m okay at triples, but 4-5-6 was unknown. Now I’m good to go forever.

Finally broke 100 marathons after such a long wait. It was great celebrating with the racers at that morning’s announcement. Anyway, I’ll do multi-days again soon especially with Mainly Marathons. Next stop is to complete the 50 states circuit.

I did get an extra star (Osmium?) for the quad, 101 marathons lifetime, and race # 15 for the year.

Thanks for reading! 😊😊😊


Photo and Post Credit Ed Cabanero (MM388)

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