Running the Inaugural Burning River Marathon

Laurie Weiner (MM15681, DA3668, HF9266) – Today, I had a new challenge. I ran the 26.2 mile event of the 17th Annual Burning River Endurance Run & Relay.

This is my longest technical trail race and my goal was to finish in 8 hours. Well I finished in 7:30:31.

It rained for a few hours and made the trails muddy and rivers. My feet got wet from the start and we’re soaked the entire race. This is the inaugural year for the marathon distance and boy it did not disappoint!

Despite the 3 water crossings, endless mud this race was a blast. Peter was able to catch up to me a few times in parking lots to make sure I was ok, as there was no outside assist allowed. I am so glad I trained on these trails as they are part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and local metro parks.

I would love to run this race again, but don’t know if my feet could handle the paved last 5 miles in trail shoes again. I know I will loose a few toenails, just in time for our cruise!😂#medalmonday

Photo and Post Credit Laurie Weiner

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