Fargo Then Skedaddle

Lisa Atkins (HF13871) -Happy Medal Monday! First ever back to back half marathons! I’m sore, but happy. Half’s # 25/26 and states # 17/18. LOVED Fargo and Sioux Falls! Fargo was wonderfully supported, with so much on course crowd support. And Sioux Falls Skedaddle was super quiet, on a pretty greenway trail. And the best part, they were both flat-ish. It was amazing to see all of the fanatics/maniacs running these races!

Scott Pearson (HF18577) – It felt so awesome to run today. I have been fighting a bit of a hamstring issue. Today I took it slow and it behaved. It was almost perfect weather to do a half. Inside start with about 43 degrees and light wind. I ran the Fargo half with a buddy as part one of our weekend. If all goes well we will run the skedaddle half in Sioux falls tomorrow. Half 36 for me. Fargo as usual rolled out the red carpet. Great crowd support all along the course. And for those that want a flat race this is it. Saw a ton of fanatic and maniacs on the course which was so fun to be cheered on and cheer them on

Mission accomplished. I finished half number 37 this morning by running the Sioux Falls Skedaddle. This was the first time I have run a double, with Fargo Saturday and Sioux falls Sunday. I am tired but happy with how well I did. It was again a perfect day to run. The course is a scenic course on the bike trails along the river. Very beautiful course. It was a smaller race but everything about it was put together well by the local running store and community. Talking to other runners I believe there were a lot of folks who did their first double and ran in both Dakota’s in one weekend.

Photo and Post Credit Scott Pearson & Lisa Atkins

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