Having a Blast at the Flying Pig Half

Kim Michaux (MM15963, DA3744, HF16698) & Woody Michaux (MM15923, DA3736, HF18452) – Flying Pig Half Marathon! Woody and I had a blast despite the soggy, stormy weather! It stormed hard enough that we worried the race would get called but it didn’t so we just kept going! Later we learned there was a shelter in place warning.
Hill were crazy! Over 1600 ft of elevation gain. Huge thanks to everyone who helped us up the hills!! Christina Lloyd McDermott’s husband Jim pushed Woody up the big hills and I can’t thank him enough! He was a beast on those hills! Also thanks to another runner who helped push Woody uphill! Random super nice man who ended up being a friend of a friend!
We did the “3 way with extra cheese” which included a 1 mile run Friday, 10k & 5k yesterday and a half marathon today. We ran into Timothy Wayne Rutherford Sr & Anny Borisov at the start of the 10k and Timothy was looking for someone to push – Woody was all for it! He had a blast going fast for a change! 😅 and I have to say they were super fun to roll with! And we did the 5k with Kim Engleman & Collin and really had a great time!
Super fun races, ran into lots of friends over the weekend! Woody loved seeing everyone!
Photos of the earlier races below after the rainy half photos!

Photo and Post Credit Kim Michaux

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