Becoming a Double Agent in Chicago

Katie Galvin (HF18478, DA3721, MM15882)

Took a 26.2 mile tour of Chicago today😀 I’m glad that I didn’t second guess the tank and shorts combo because it warmed up quick, I even got suburned!! Thanks to Ray Furlong , Rachel Nass , and TriCia Cross for cheering me on and finding me on the course! Thanks to all the police, fire, medical, volunteers and spectators for keeping everything going smoothly and keeping the runners entertained!
It was a beautiful day in Chicago and my lesson learned is that 2 marathons in 2 weeks was not enough recovery time for me. I was able to stick with the awesome 5:45 Pacers through the half which was my plan. By mile 20ish, my feet, back, and legs were not liking only having the 2 week break. Also so thankful for the biofreeze zone volunteers! (Spray my legs everywhere please!!!) But I finished and that’s always the ultimate goal! Its probably a good thing that I couldn’t get into NYC this year!!🤣

2 marathons in 2 weeks was a little too much for me but I’m glad that I tried it! My second time running Chicago and it is a great event! On a side note, 2 in 2 weeks qualifies me for Marathon Maniacs so now I’m a double agent!!

Photo and Post Credit Katie Galvin

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