Frosty Bottom Half

Tina Torun (HF16109 MM15672 DA3665)- Frosty Bottom half marathon in the snow, Anchorage, AK!

My 1st winter half marathon quite a challenge. 30F, mushy, soft snow for the first 5 miles.

We saw 2 moose.

There was a fat tire bike race going on in conjunction with our race, so that was fun to see the bikers. But it also made the trails kind of mushy in certain spots.

I was thankful to run the entire race with my friend. We suffered together!

Luckily, our fast friends were cheering us on at the finish.

Soaking jacket from sweat, light snow at start of race and last mile. Wet wool socks and sore feet from my newer icebugs. This was my longest run in them. Before I had only done 3-5 miles in them.

I walked around in the parking lot, so I didn’t get too cold waiting for my ride.

This race was not on my schedule originally, but I am glad to add it when Charleston half canceled and I was stuck on a staycation.

Only 1 aid station at mile 6.2, so you had to be self sufficient and carry your own water/snacks.

Small local race on the trail system- 45 half marathoners and 29 full marathoners. I will have to check the results, but my 62nd half marathon! No medals, but cute beanie.

Photo and Post Credit Tina Torun

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