Siesta Half — LaShaun Chappell — HF6795

Half marathon #63 is complete. Siesta Half by @scallywompus_events held in Hill Country in Comfort TX. Weather was good, cool start but warmed up well enough by the finish. On course support was excellent as always. Now the course lol, hills and more hills.
All days using Eisenhower trailhead paid off today. Ran my first mile nonstop then 2:1 unless I was on a downhill. At the turnaround, 1:1 and 30sec/30sec on the hills, trying to avoid frying my hamstrings 🥴. Thank goodness the final 2 miles were basically flat with minimal variations because the left hamstring started to quiver a bit. Luckily, I didn’t prevent me from keeping on pace to finish.
My body held up very well despite the hills. And there would have been a time I wouldn’t dare to have ran in short pants. Far too critical of myself then but now, so much more I appreciate about my strong body. It let’s me engage in all my running, cycling, and lifting without fail. And protects me! So y’all gone get these legs now😉.
Happy Sunday, I guess I finally need to eat😯.
Today’s gear,
@wrldinvsn shirt/shorts
@atreyurunning sneakers
HF #6795

Photos and race report Credit LaShaun Chappell

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